A Happy Ending?

afterstormWe had a meeting with our agent yesterday. She had presented the two contractors’ findings to the buyers, and had come back with one final request from them. They asked for one siding panel to be pulled off (at their expense) to make sure there really was no moisture underneath.

We refused. We said that we were not going to break something that wasn’t broken to make sure it wasn’t broken.

We followed with a long discussion of how we felt that we had been treated in this whole matter, from her immediate insistence that we had to replace all the siding based on just the inspector’s findings, from her not allowing us to talk with the first contractor, to her not sitting with us as our agent and discussing options . . . everything. We did not hold back.

And she listened.

She accepted blame for everything, and genuinely apologized over and over. She said her communication over the issue was completely at fault. She was mortified that she had caused us such distress, and that she had lost our trust. She knows she has to work hard to earn it back again.

But yesterday, we were her clients. We explained why were were not willing to take off a panel of siding for any reason, that there were other less intrusive ways to show there was no moisture damage. She listened and didn’t argue with us, or tell us what we needed to do. She took pictures of what was pointed out by both contractors as the absolute first place moisture damage would occur in the siding (a cutout on the side of the house for the garage vent), an area that is perfectly dry with no evidence of moisture intrusion at all. The pictures were forwarded to the buyers with the information that this, along with the two independent siding contractors’ written opinions, is what we are willing to provide as evidence that there is no moisture damage. They can take it or leave it.

If they accept this, it appears the siding repair and repaint along with a very minor roofing repair will be the only requests the buyers will be making, and we will agree to take care of both. We also had the electrical issue taken care of yesterday.

We’re so hoping this whole house-inspection business will all be over soon, and with word that we are on schedule to close in December. But it was very quiet yesterday evening, and so far today, so who knows?

Even if there isn’t good news, or the sale falls apart, I am still glad we were able to clear the air with our agent and lay our grievances out on the table.

6 thoughts on “A Happy Ending?

  1. This is why an agent shouldn’t represent both sides. As a seller, if my agent was doing that, I wouldn’t agree to it. I don’t know if it’s different in Oregon, but where I live, the seller is the one paying her commission, not the buyer, so I don’t think it’s fair to the seller. Whether they mean to or not, it’s tough for the agent to be sort of ‘stuck in the middle’ and unless it’s a sale where there are no issues, I don’t see how they can negotiate in a way that is fair to both sides. I almost bought a house once where the agent was representing me and the seller and I didn’t like the way the negotiations were going so I didn’t buy the house.

  2. You do have to be firm with agents and with buyers. They can certainly ask for the world but you don’t have to give it. Two separate contractor opinions mean a lot. If they walk they wanted to steal your house with all new siding. Fingers crossed things go through.

  3. I can imagine the potential buyers being unsure of all the opinions too. I feel I have learned a lesson about sharing an agent with the buyer/seller. Thank you for sharing this experience.

  4. My fingers are crossed hoping for a happy ending for you! But if this isn’t the happy ending yet, I hope you will stand firm on re-listing with a new agent. There has just been so many red flags from the onset of this journey. But as I am really eager to read about your adventures in Hawaii I am sending as many good vibes your way that I can in the hopes that it will help with a positive outcome!

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